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Melbourne Tuckpointing specialises in restoration of mortar joints to existing brickwork. If you are unsure of the condition of your building (heritage or new), we offer a free assessment & quote as well as our 20 Year Guarantee.

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We offer the following restoration services. Nip & Tuck Pointing - Full Makeover - Tuckpointing - Re-Pointing - Brick Repairs - Brick Cleaning - Brick Colouring - Damproofing - Render/Cement Removal

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Facts About Tuckpointing

Many brick buildings built prior to the 1st and even the 2nd World wars have a form or `Tuck Pointing` standing proud of mortar surrounding the walling brickwork.

This was originally done to compensate for the poor quality of the brick manufacturing and often the poor skills of the bricklayers available. The surface section of mortar, generally the top 1-10mm of mortar, was coloured to suit the brick or stone that it surrounded and the `Tuck Pointing` lines were then placed symmetrically on that coloured mortar to suit the brickwork pattern that the Architect was trying to achieve.

The `Tuck Pointing` material was pushed onto the surface mortar at a width in general of 3-6mm and was proud of the joint by 1-2mm. The bricks laid were often `2nds` quality with damaged edges, uneven dimensions and poor colouring. The `Tuck Pointing` removes all of those flaws from vision and in fact gives an impression of `perfect` brickwork.

This is also the case where the bricklaying itself was a poor standard. The bricks not laid precisely level and square and the particular pattern required often not precisely followed. In those cases the `Tuck Pointing` was often placed on the face of the brick and not on the mortar joint, again to give the impression of `perfect` brickwork.

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